Police Officer Rescues Trapped Child By Climbing Into Car Wreckage

An Ohio police officer went above and beyond to crawl into a car wreckage to rescue a child after the vehicle overturned in a crash.


Extraordinary Measures

It was a terrible crash that happened over the weekend and police body camera video captured Officer Yamil Encarnacion going to “extraordinary measures” to save a life. The officer was responding to a car crash on Interstate 480 just after 7 p.m. Saturday, according to a post by the Twinsburg Police Department on Facebook.

The driver and child were trapped inside the upside-down car, Twinsburg Police Chief Christopher Noga said in the statement. The child was in a child safety seat and Officers spotted the child’s legs losing color. Encarnacion was seen crawling over broken glass and through a window to reach the child in the wreckage, police said. He was able to cut the safety seat free and then pulled the child out of the car.


The woman and the child were taken to the hospital after they suffered minor injuries. “This is what we do and this is why we do what we do,” Noga said. “This is why I am honored to work with the best police officers and staff in the world.”

The driver said that she moved to the left lane to pass a slower moving vehicle and as she changed lanes, the car in front of her also moved to the left lane and suddenly applied the brakes. She then applied the brakes quickly and over-corrected her steering. The car left the roadway and rolled over into the eastbound lanes of the interstate, police said.

“Most police officers do not think of themselves as extraordinary,” Noga said. “We do what we do because we love our communities and want to serve them to the best of our abilities.” We appreciate officer Yamil Encarnacion for his brave act which helped save the life of the woman and the child.


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