105-Year-Old Farmer Gives Faith-Filled Advice For A Long And Healthy Life

A 105-year-old farmer from Minnesota is pointing to God and his farm for helping him live a long and healthy life.


Earl Mallinger has been feeding generations of people from his 1000-acre beet farm, the centenarian says that you need to keep moving to live a long life.

The oldest beet farmer from Crystal Sugar said, “Keep moving, once you, once you quit moving, you go downhill pretty fast,” he said.

Earl says that the fresh air and exercise he gets while working on his farm have helped him stay healthy and active all these years.

“I like the fresh air for one thing, and I like to see the crops grow and see what God has done. A fella has to have a lot of faith when you have a little seed and you get a crop like this,” Earl says.

Although now Earl Mallinger does not do the fieldwork but lets his employees do it for him, he still makes all the decisions for the business.

He says he advises young and new farmers to “work hard” and always keep God at the center of life. He credits Him for all the success he has received in life.

“If you didn’t inherit land from your parents, start small. Work hard and don’t spend too much money and you’ll be successful,” he said.

Earl added, “Remember that God is in control. You have got to have Him with you. Also, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. I didn’t work much on Sundays and I still made a good living.”

Earl is also blessed with a large family that includes 60 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, when asked if he’d rather do something else in life than farming, he says, he would never trade his 105 years on the farm for anything.

He ends with a strong message for all of us, “Be humble and with the help of God, you don’t have to worry,” he said. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”


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