‘God’s Timing Is Perfect’: Paraglider Spots Woman On Top Of Sinking Car, Saves Her Life

A paraglider’s quick actions saved a woman trapped in a sinking car in a canal in South Florida.


Paraglider, Cristiano Piquet, was out paragliding that Sunday afternoon, when he, from the sky, saw a woman in the canal holding on to her car in an effort to save herself. He quickly landed and ran to her help.

Piquet also took help from a nearby resident and was able to pull the woman out from the waters, using ropes.

Piquet said that, had he not seen the woman from the sky she would have perish in the water. He is grateful that he was out paragliding that day.

“I’m no hero. This is not about me,” Cristiano Piquet posted in a video on social media. “All glory to God, who used me and my friends to save that one life. God’s timing is perfect.”

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