Paramedics Fulfills Dying Woman’s Final Wish To See Ocean One Last Time

A heartwarming act of kindness by two paramedics is warming hearts everywhere after they fulfilled a dying patient’s wishes by transporting him down to the ocean to enjoy the view.

The act of kindness was witnessed by Neil King who was at the Cleveland Point Lighthouse, south-east of Brisbane, Australia when he saw the paramedics wheeling the patient near the ocean.


He took to Facebook to post about it and praised the Queensland Ambulance Service for their compassion. The photo of the two paramedics standing on either side of the patient’s hospital bed has been shared nearly 800 times and received 17,000 likes and 500 comments.

Mr. King captioned the photo saying, ‘So grateful to our front line workers serving so kindly’, he said, ‘The gesture was amazing but the kind words and lovely conversation they shared even more so. ‘Thank you Queensland Ambulance Service you are amazing’.

Facebook users responded with comments of appreciation for the paramedics, saying it had restored their faith in humanity after a tough year.

‘Not all superheroes wear capes’, one comment read.

‘Last visit to the ocean, I’d say. Beautiful souls for allowing this wish to come true’, another commented.

The Queensland Ambulance Service also re-posted the photo on their Facebook page saying, ‘Some words of gratitude regarding a beautiful simple gesture by our amazing staff worth sharing’. A spokeswoman for them said ‘it was a wonderful moment for a member of the public to capture’, but couldn’t provide further comment due to patient confidentiality.


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