Dog Dumped Away In Trash Is Now Doing Zoomies All Day

Bowie was thrown away by his former owners who dumped him like trash in a cage.


He was skin and bone after he was found next to a dumpster but today he is a fun-loving chubby dog.

One of the adopters who was taking out her trash heard some noises in the dumpster and found him locked inside a wire kennel thrown away like trash.

He would come and sit on their lap and they decided to give him the best life he could have because he deserved it.

He was taken to a hospital for a week with continuous care, and then he was transferred to their fosters, Lee and Darcy, and was there with them for 2 months and put on weight.

She said she was trying to convince her husband to adopt him and she was reluctant to take Bowie to her friend Connie’s house to foster.


When she took Bowie there a sign saying “Welcome Bowie” was there and she instantly knew that it was where Bowie needed to be.

It was something about Bowie’s eyes that made Connie say that they needed to help that dog, and her husband agreed that they could keep the dog.

They started by going on a 20-yard walk and after some weeks they began going around the block. Bowie soon realized he could run and before you know it he started running zoomies day and night.

Bowie is having the time of his life eating pup cones at Andy’s and a pup who held his head so low is now standing tall and proud.

He is a dog again and living every day as it comes. Everyone deserves a fresh new beginning at life and Bowie has got that second chance with Connie and her family.

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