Police Officer Buys And Installs Children Car Seats Instead Of Issuing Ticket To Mom

Andrella “Lashae” Jackson recently experienced a rare act of kindness by a police officer which has led her to share her story on social media.

She was pulled over by a Milwaukee police officer who saw that her two young daughters were not in car seats, as a single mom of five she was expecting a hefty ticket.

But Officer Kevin Zimmerman bought and installed two car seats for the girls, Niyah and Sky, and let Jackson off with only a verbal warning.


“My girls couldn’t stop thanking him and it made them smile….shout out to Officer Zimmerman at District 5,” Jackson said on Facebook. “We appreciate it a lot.”

Jackson was stopped because she did not have proper registration but then he saw children without mandatory seat belts or car seats, said the police department.

Jackson told the officer, that she could not afford car seats. “With bills coming up and winter coming up, I have to get coats and boots and shoes for my kids,” Jackson said. “So it was hard for me.”


12-year MPD veteran, Zimmerman visited Walmart to buy two car seats and even picked up stickers and children’s books for the girls. He visited the family home and installed the car seats himself as well.


Zimmerman said he believed in to “do the right thing even if no one is looking”. After seeing accidents where kids went through windshields as they were not properly secured, he wanted the girls to be safe.

“I am a dad of three kids and can’t imagine anything happening to them or not being able to have them secured in their car seats,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman was thanked by the Milwaukee Police Department on Facebook “for going the extra mile and going above and beyond your call of duty”.

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