Teacher Keeps His Decades-Old Promise to His Former Students to Watch a Solar Eclipse Together

A New York teacher kept a promise made 46 years ago, reuniting with his students for an eclipse watch party.

teacher fulfills promise solar eclipse
Credit: Caitlin Moriarty Hynick


In 1978, Pat Moriarty, then an Earth science teacher at Webster High School, made a remarkable promise to his ninth-grade students. He showed them a list of future eclipses and asked them to circle April 8, 2024, on their calendars, promising a reunion on that very day to watch a total solar eclipse together in their hometown near Rochester, New York.

Moriarty kept reminding his students of this date throughout his teaching career until 1998 when he transitioned to being a principal. However, even after retiring, he held the promise close to his heart.

In 2022, he Moriarty to Facebook to reach out to his former students. This effort brought around 100 of his former students to his home in Brighton, New York, a spot directly in the path of the eclipse.

teacher pat moriarty

Moriarty and his wife prepared for the reunion with food and seating, turning their driveway into a viewing spot. Moriarty even used his daughter’s karaoke machine for educational commentary as the eclipse neared.

This event wasn’t just a viewing party; it was a moment of reflection for Moriarty on the impact he had made on his students’ lives.

WATCH: Teacher Watches Eclipse with Former Students 46 Years After He Made the Promise

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