Kirk Cameron Puts Marriage First, Refuses to Kiss An Actress on Screen

Hollywood, known for its captivating stories and larger-than-life glamour, often portrays views that contrast with traditional Christian beliefs. Amidst this backdrop, actor Kirk Cameron’s recent revelation on The Megyn Kelly Show stands out as a testament to marital commitment and faith.

kirk cameron on marriage

Discussing his role in the faith-based film, “Fireproof”, Cameron shared a challenge he faced during production. There was a scene requiring him to share a passionate kiss with a co-star. For many, this may seem like a standard aspect of acting, but for Cameron, it held profound significance.

He stated, “I said, ‘you know what? This is something that I stood at an altar and said that I would only do with my wife.” His concerns weren’t merely about personal comfort, but the purity of his marriage. Even in a make-believe setting, certain acts could blur the lines of this sacred bond. “And call it make-believe or not, I know how this would make me feel if I saw my wife doing this,” he added.

Determined to respect his vows while not compromising the film, a unique solution was devised. “And so we re-did things, flew my wife out,” Cameron explained. Ensuring the scene’s authenticity, “She put on a wig that matched the actress’s hair in the movie, and she wore that dress. We shot the scene in a silhouette so you couldn’t tell, but when I’m kissing my wife in the movie, I’m actually kissing my wife, Chelsea.”

However, this choice wasn’t universally applauded. Some felt the decision inconvenienced the production. Others took it as a personal affront, viewing it as an over-the-top gesture. To these critiques, Cameron’s stance was unwavering, rooted deeply in the sanctity of marriage. “I don’t want to do anything that is going to potentially injure my marriage,” he firmly stated.

Marriage is a promise made in the eyes of God. It’s not just about legal agreements or social expectations. It’s a spiritual bond, sanctified and overseen by God. Cameron’s actions serve as a testament to this belief—a reminder that even in professions where personal and public lines blur, one can remain steadfast in their commitments to their beliefs and loved ones.

Kirk Cameron’s story isn’t just about a film scene. It’s about holding onto core beliefs and the sanctity of marriage, reminding us that some promises, especially those made before God, are inviolable.

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Pst Yakubu Ezekiel
Pst Yakubu Ezekiel

That’s a beautiful one, I wish other actors will learn from Cameron.

Gwend Whisenant
Gwend Whisenant

I admire Kirk Cameron. I wish all people had the same morals. I tip my hat to you Mr. Cameron