Police Officer Feeds Hungry Baby After Devastating Hurricane

In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Otis, an act of kindness by a Mexico City police officer didn’t just touch hearts but also led to a well-deserved career advancement.

police officer feeds baby

Arizbeth Dionisio Ambrosio, a 33-year-old mother and police officer, was deployed to Acapulco after the Category 5 storm ravaged the area. Amidst the devastation, she encountered a distressed mother with a four-month-old baby boy. The infant, who hadn’t eaten for a while, was crying out of hunger. Without hesitation, Dionisio, realizing the mother couldn’t breastfeed, stepped in to nurse the baby herself.

This gesture of compassion did not go unnoticed. Dionisio was promoted from “policía primero” to “suboficial” earlier this week. Her actions exemplify the profound impact of empathy and service, even in the face of disaster.

Pablo Vázquez Camacho, Mexico City Security Minister, commended Dionisio’s dedication. In a statement, he emphasized how her actions are a beacon of humanism, showcasing the profound impact one individual’s kindness can have. He proudly announced her promotion, celebrating her commitment to serving and protecting, even in the most challenging circumstances.