Maryland Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Man In Wheelchair

Maryland Police are in the spotlight for a sweet act of kindness and professionalism.


Act of kindness and professionalism

Cpl. Gray Maloy saw a wheelchair-bound person trying to cross a road in Mechanicsville on Oct 5 according to the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office on a Facebook post. Maloy stopped his police cruiser, got out of the car in busy traffic, and pushed the man’s wheelchair across the road, and helped him to get to his final destination. Maloy’s act was recorded on camera by bystanders and shared them with the sheriff’s office.

Comments and reactions

The sheriff’s office claimed to have got over 700 reactions and 200 shares with people commenting on the cop’s actions. “Officer Maloy is always an example of professionalism,” one person wrote. “So proud of our Sheriff’s Department! Class and integrity starts at the top and works it way down,” another person commented. “We all need to be aware of people in need,” one person wrote. “Thank you for helping and all of us need to pay it forward.”

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