Nebraska Photographer Saves Three Men After Their Vehicle Overturned In Icy Pond

A man from Nebraska is being praised from people all over, after he saved the lives of three men whose car landed upside down in an icy pond.


Photographer, Terry Ingram was busy taking pictures of two eagles on a Saturday afternoon in Bellevue, Nebraska, when a white sedan caught his attention. He saw it spiral out of control while crossing railroad tracks, strike a fire hydrant and then land upside down in the ice-cold pond.

He said, “The car just came right in front of me,” said Ingram. “They hit the fire hydrant and I don’t think they even touched the ground … they were already airborne.”


Ingram heard people trapped inside the car cry out for help, and he immediately jumped into action. “I panicked when I heard the guy’s voice. ‘Get me out, it’s filling full of water,'” Ingram said. “Once I pulled the door open, the water started going in, and he was coming out. Just seeing those bodies there, I thought they were gone.”

Ingram dove into the freezing water and was able to pull one of the car doors open. “Once I pulled the door open, the water started going in and he was coming out,” said Ingram.


He was able to pull the three men out of the overturned and submerged vehicle and drag them to shore. Two of the men were rushed to Nebraska Medicine with non-life-threatening injuries but Ingram said he was blessed to be in the right place at the right time.

As he looks at the pictures he took that day, he is thankful that he could save the lives of the three men and also hopes to meet up with them after they are out of hospital. Terry Ingram is spot on when he says, “God puts people [in] places for a reason.”


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