‘My Identity Is My Faith in Christ’: Chiefs CEO Shares His Faith After Winning AFC Championship Trophy

It’s not everyday that you see people in high positions give God the glory for their achievements. But it was inspiring to see the chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs credit God along with the coaches, players and fans after lifting the AFC Championship trophy on Sunday.


“I want to thank the Lord for blessing us with the opportunity,” Clark Hunt said on national television. “The glory belongs to Him.”

It was an unusual thing to say for Clark, who along with his siblings, inherited ownership of the Chiefs following the death of their father, Lamar Hunt, in 2006, who founded the Chiefs and was co-founder of the American Football League, the predecessor to the AFC.

Hunt has spoken about his faith in the past, as well as recently as the Chiefs have become NFL’s dominant teams, the Chiefs will play San Francisco in the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

“We want our employees to develop spiritually,” Hunt said last year while speaking to a men’s luncheon in Tyler, Texas. He became a Christian at age 10, he told the men. “In the National Football League, Christ is really glorified. My identity is my faith in Christ.”

Watch: Clark Hunt praises God after winning AFC championship trophy

Hunt and his wife, Tavia, along with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes launched a non-denominational chapel service in 2014, for fans attending the Chiefs’ Sunday games. Services take place at the Pavilion, next to the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium. There were 350 fans who attended the first service, most wearing Chiefs’ apparel, and eight people accepted Christ during the first service.

Clark and Tavia Hunt attend the services. “It’s neat that he makes the effort for him and his family to come,” Kris Thomas, an FCA area representative, said in a profile about the chapel services. “… I haven’t been here where they haven’t been here.”

“I love it because it’s evangelism,” Alex Campbell, FCA’s Kansas City center area director, said. “You get to walk alongside people who you don’t get to meet every day. I’m all for that.” Many fans arrive early to attend the chapel service.

“You’re establishing a new culture,” Campbell said. “You get to see this thing come to fruition where lives can be changed. Now people are actually saying, ‘If this happens, then I’ll get season tickets [for next year].’ The service has that much of an impact, and the season-ticket holders are saying, ‘We need this.’ It’s got to be fulfillment for the Hunt family for even having the vision.”

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Vernon Hill

This is great, God is great….the media will not let the world know about this wonderful happening by a man that loves God.

John Ortega

This owner is Awesome by telling the whole world that this “Victory” belongs to the Lord! May the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl as well in Jesus name! OooRah! Semper Fi

Ro Way

That’s what winning is about Jesus Christ. LIFE

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