Police Officer Helps Teens Tie Neckties For Prom In Heartwarming Act

We respect and stand by our country’s police officers because they go above and beyond to help citizens everywhere.

Recently two teens were helped by Tennessee cop, Officer Adam Price who was called over from his patrol of Liberty Park in Clarksville to help two teens.


18-year-old Elijah Darling, and his friend, 18-year-old Jalen Lewis, were having a tough time trying to tie their neckties for their high school senior photos and the officer helped the two out.

“I was kind of confused, like, I didn’t expect this to be happening,” Darling said. “I thought he was going to leave at first.” Lewis added, “I was thinking this is weird.”


Price had not tied a tie in a year, and was a little rusty but still handled the situation well. “But I got out there, figured it out and got them going,” he said. He put the ties around his own neck, made the proper knots and then placed them on Darling and Lewis.

“It’s just a normal part of our day,” Price continued. “That’s something we’re called to do often. That’s actually the best part of it for me. It’s not fighting crime. It’s doing these little things in the community.”


Price believes that it’s the little things that ensure the public knows the cops are on their side. “Got more work to do,” he said. “It’s not going to stop the fact that I have to make a positive impact every day.”

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