Police Officer Pulls Over Speeding Student And Realizes He Needs Help

A student who was pulled over for overspeeding in Wisconsin was surprised when he received a heartwarming act of kindness instead of a ticket.


Police officer Martin Folczyk was on duty when he pulled up the driver for zipping by. The driver was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout who pulled over into a parking lot and explained his predicament.

Apparently, he had a presentation to make that morning for one of his classes and was trying to dress the part in a suit and tie. But the young man didn’t know how to tie a necktie. He drove over to a friend’s house for help but his friend wasn’t home and so now he was running late.

Officer Folczyk immediately asked for the tie and helped him by tying the necktie for him. He checked the young man’s registration and gave him a verbal warning. But continued working on the man’s necktie until it was suitable for the presentation.

We are touched by what the kind officer did for the student as he could have easily stuck to his job and given him a ticket, but instead, he extended grace to him and took the time to listen to the young man and help him.

The incident that happened in 2016 is relevant even today as the police face increasing scrutiny from all corners but all police are not the same as proved by Officer Martin Folczyk.

During this season of Easter, we are reminded of the grace of God when He didn’t spare His only Son but sent Him to die for us all on the cross of Calvary. By extending the same grace to others who may be facing tough situations or challenges in their lives we can make a big difference in this world.


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