Officers Buy Woman Groceries From Out-Of-Pocket After Rash Driver Ran Over Hers

Lowell Police officers went food shopping for an elderly woman after a rash driver ran over her groceries.


Police Sgt. Thomas Daly and firefighter Stephen Lyle got to know that the 80-year-old woman was unloading her groceries from the van after her weekly shopping trip when a motorist drove over her grocery bag.

The victim’s sister mentioned this in a thank you letter she sent to the Lowell Police Superintendent Raymond Kelly Richardson.

Daly and Lyle noted the woman’s name and address and returned to her apartment with a bag filled with fresh groceries, Richardson said.

“In these trying times it is uplifting to see such beyond the call of duty thoughtfulness,” the thank you letter read.

“I do not have their names, but I very much hope you are able to find out and tell them that all of us who love (her) are so grateful for their kindness,” the elderly woman’s sister wrote to police.

“In these trying times, it is uplifting to see such beyond the call of duty thoughtfulness.”

We are called to show the love of Christ to others through our words and actions and these two officers were the perfect examples of it today.

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