Officers See Children Playing Basketball With Milk Crate, Surprise Them With Original Hoop

Our police officers are doing a great job even after facing scrutiny from all quarters. This was proved when Chicago officers went above and beyond to bless a group of children in an amazing way.

police officers give children basketball hoop

The police gave them a new basketball hoop after seeing them play with a milk crate, they even shot hoops in the neighborhood before leaving.

Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown tweeted- Officers from the Chicago Police Department’s 6th District “noticed a group of children in the neighborhood playing basketball using a milk crate as their hoop.” He wrote, “The officers saw an opportunity to help the kids with their game, so they got together to buy them a new hoop and basketballs.”

Brown also posted a video showing two uniformed officers carrying a box with the new hoop inside and another officer going to the door and a woman walking a boy onto the deck covering his eyes with her hands.

The boy seems ecstatic after seeing the officers carrying the gift outside on the lawn, and yells in delight, “Thank you!”

“Is that a little bit better?” an officer asks, giving the boy a high-five. “Yeah!” he says, jumping with excitement, and the officer asks again, “Yeah? You cool with that?” The officers say they’re going to put the hoop together for the boy.

“We love to see the joy end smiles we bring to our youth,” the Gresham district’s commander, Senora Ben, also wrote, retweeting the video. Photos shared by Brown show about nine officers in labeled police vests opening the box and reading the directions to assemble the hoop for the children.

As soon as the hoop is erect, the officers pose with three boys and one girl holding their new basketballs in their front yard. “They even stuck around to play a quick game of basketball with their new friends!” Brown wrote, sharing another video of officers shooting hoops with the children. “Not only did this make the kids happy, but it made my day too.”

A video of the officers and children shooting the balls from behind a fenced-in area of pavement has been appreciated by people across the country. “Nothing but net!” said a female officer cheering on one of the boys who was shooting the balls.