Policeman Adopts Baby of Drug-Addicted Homeless Woman

People often feel that the police have low compassion levels, but what this compassionate police officer did was way above the bar.

police officer adopts baby from drug addict

Officer Jesse Whitten and his wife adopted a newborn baby girl belonging to a homeless woman struggling with drug addiction.

Whitten, works at Santa Rosa Police Department in California, and often stopped and checked on the woman throughout the year. He struck up a friendship with her.

A year ago, Whitten met the woman along with his wife Ashley, and that’s when Ashley noticed the woman was pregnant, and they both discussed about motherhood.

After about six months, they received a call from the woman saying that she really wanted them to adopt her newborn child.

She hoped that with their love and care, her daughter could have a chance at a normal life.

The Whittens accepted her request and now six months later, they officially adopted Harlow Masie Whitten as their fourth child.

The baby has been through challenges being exposed to drugs while she was in the womb, but now, she has become a beloved part of the Whitten family.

This story is so inspiring and full of hope and real love, we appreciate what the Whittens have done for that homeless woman.

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