Mom Wanting To Show Daughter Importance Of Education, Walks Across Stage To Receive Diploma While In Active Labor

Being in labor is one of the most difficult experiences for a woman and imagine graduating from college during labor, the unexpected happened to Anshonarial Greenhouse.

As she was all set to walk across the stage and receive her diploma from Louisiana State University of Alexandria, the 31-year-old mother went into labor. But even in immense pain, Greenhouse insisted she would walk across the stage because she wanted her daughter to know the importance of determination and education.

Greenhouse said, “She understands how important education is,” and added, “If she sees me doing my work, she does hers. It’s showing her versus telling her.”

After the ceremony, she got into the wheelchair and was taken to the hospital where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Earlier as well, Greenhouse went into labor prematurely during the final weeks of the semester, and had to complete her exams from the hospital. She was so dedicated that she used a web cam to live-stream herself doing her visual presentations while she was in a hospital gown.

“It was rough walking across that stage,” said Greenhouse. “I knew it was a possibility I couldn’t walk, but I really pushed to be able to go.”

Now that the trials and tribulations for Greenhouse have passed, we wish her the best of careers and a happy life!

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