Baby Born With Less Than 1% Chance Of Survival Defies All Odds

As the holiday season advances and all of us are counting our blessings and feeling thankful and grateful to the Lord,  one family is extra thankful.

This family from Indianapolis, were told their son had a less than 1-percent chance of survival. Daniel Breyts and Jess Novac were told by doctors in Illinois to get ready for their son Rowan’s funeral as he was born three months early. “It was a hard balance between I wanted him to survive, but I was a realistic person, they told me he was going to die. I just didn’t want him in any pain and drag it out at that point,” said Rowan’s mom Jess.

The couple patiently waited for the day, as their son Rowan continued suffering from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), a disease that attacked his intestines, till they decided to go in for a second opinion from doctors at Riley Hospital for Children.

So they brought Rowan in a helicopter to Riley and he was taken into surgery. Rowan’s dad said, “She told me they saw a lot of pink viable intestine which was the exact opposite of what we had been told.” After a 209-day stay in the NICU at Riley Hospital, Rowan left hospital for the first time in his life.

Daniel said, “Seeing him myself and knowing where he came from as far as how small he was and the issues that he had, in my heart he is a miracle. He’s an honest to God miracle.”

Only God can speak life into our hopeless situations, and we thank God for Rowan who is recovering well and now weights 13 pounds 9 ounces and is continuing to get more healthy with each passing day.

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