Doctors Witness A Miracle After Giving Premature Twins Zero Chance of Survival

Harry and Harley Crane, delivered at 22 weeks and five days, is believed to be “Britain’s youngest surviving premature twins.” They were given zero chance of survival, but they beat the odds and are both thriving.


These boys were born last October 26, weighing 500g, and were as big as Mars chocolate bars only. Daily Mail reported that “babies born at 22 weeks are not classed as legally viable and medical intervention is sometimes not offered.”

Jade and her husband were ecstatic when they learned that they were pregnant. They tried to have a baby for 11 years through interventions and eight cycles of IVF (In vitro fertilization). They also suffered from ectopic pregnancies. But, they were in for a surprise when their twins were born way earlier than expected.

This worried mom turned to prayers for her babies to make it. She told BBC, “I had a sense of peace, and I prayed and prayed for them to make it, for them to cry to show signs of life, which they did.”

Tiny twins Harley and Harry Crane are making a HUGE impression. Born when mum Jade was 22 weeks and five days' pregnant,…

Posted by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust on Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Harley came out first. When he cried and wailed like “a tiny kitten,” the doctors rushed to him and performed life-saving medical procedures. “When Harley let out the smallest of cries, the room went mad, and they suddenly offered life-saving treatment,” Jade told the Mirror. “It felt amazing to hear them cry, though I was still scared.” Harry came out an hour after.

The ordeal was far from over. These little fighters underwent a series of surgeries and suffered from gastrointestinal illnesses. These first-time parents thought this was the last straw, but these babies continued to fight for their dear lives.

They continue to amaze the doctors and medical staff at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, U.K with their progress. However, the doctors do not know yet if they would be facing long-term effects after what they have been through.

Harry and Harley beat out a previous record set in 2018 by twins born in the U.K. at 22 weeks and six days gestation, BBC reported. “They’ll go down in medical history,” Jade told the Mirror. “I’m sure they’ll have a ward named after them because everyone is just amazed by them!”

The twins are now 16 weeks old and might be released from the hospital anytime now.

Miracles this big can only be performed by God! Let’s continue to pray for the boys’ good health and growth. For sure, Harry and Harley are destined for greatness!

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