Colorblind Student Bursts Into Tears After Principal Gives Him Special Glasses

A student who was “severely colorblind” was given the gift of being able to see different colors for the first time in his life when his school principal gave him special glasses.


A video posted by Ben Jones of his brother Jonathan to Twitter has garnered more than 4 million times in two days.

“My little brother is severely colorblind and so is his principle at school. While they were learning about colorblindness in class, his principle brought in some glasses that let him see color for the first time, and he was very emotional,” Ben wrote on Twitter.


The principal can be seen hugging Jonathan and he was also embraced by his mom, who was present during the first-time experience. She also set up a GoFundMe page to help purchase a pair of the expensive glasses for her son.

Watch: Principal brings colorblind student to tears by giving him special glasses

“After posting a video on social media of Jonathan seeing color for the first time, we have been overwhelmed by how many kind, generous people have wanted to help him get a pair of his own color blind glasses,” she wrote on the fundraiser page. “We will use these funds to purchase his own pair and donate any additional funds to a foundation who purchases color blind glasses for those who can’t afford them.” The campaign has already raised more than $13,000. The goal was $350.

We all take our eyesight for granted but for someone like Jonathan being able to see colors for the first time was such an important milestone in his life. This has made us realize that how grateful we should all be to the Lord for being able to see His beautiful creation everyday with our eyes.


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