Elderly Woman Pastes Note In Lobby Asking Neighbors For Books To Read And They Deliver

The coronavirus quarantine is proving to be a hard time especially for the elderly because of the loneliness and helplessness they feel, without anybody to talk to or even a book to read.

One 72-year-old lady put up a note in the lobby asking her neighbors for spare books or DVDs, and everyone helped her right away.


Twitter user Bon Cliff from London found the note taped to the lobby door and shared about how they dropped off some goods at her door without thinking too much about it.


The woman was so touched that she left a second thank-you note in the lobby.


Bon Cliff’s tweet got 494.6K likes and 68K retweets and went viral in an instant, showing how much people were touched by this incident and could also relate to it.

Twitter users praised the kind-hearted neighbors



Some people shared their stories too




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