Country Star Reba McEntire Gets Massive Support From Fans After She Shares About Her Health Problems

Country star Reba McEntire receives an overwhelming support from her fans who were eagerly waiting for her shows when she announced about her health problems and that the music tour has to be delayed for some time.

Reba McEntire health news

“My doctor has advised me to go on vocal rest, so I have made the difficult decision to reschedule this weekend’s shows,” Reba shared on her socials.

Normally, such announcements are met with negative responses and disappointments from fans who have bought the tickets and are riled up with excitement to see their favourite singer on stage.

However, Reba’s fans responded to the announcement with kindness and wishes for her recovery.

An update about this weekend’s shows… My doctor has advised me to go on vocal rest, so I have made the difficult…

Posted by Reba McEntire on Wednesday, 2 November 2022


Reacting to the announcement, fans have commented on her socials,

“We love you, Reebs”

“I hope you feel
better soon and are back onstage
soon as well.”

“As sad as I am because I am an absolutely 100 percent Raised on Reba fan! I want you to be healthy and rested! Wishing you a speedy recovery”

Posted by Reba McEntire on Friday, 14 October 2022

It is beautiful to see the fans reacting to the announcement with such warmth and love. The heartwarming responses and kind words from the fans are definitely helping Reba get better and also shows how much fans love Reba.