The Sisters Sing Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Redeemer Of The Rain’ By The Collingsworth Family

The Sisters present a beautiful rendition of the Collingsworth Family’s Christian song ‘Redeemer Of The Rain.’

This song by the Collingsworth Family has been an encouragement to many around the world.

Who doesn’t wish for sunny days?
That the sky above us would never turn grey
But life isn’t always sunshine
We have times that leave us asking why
And when the clouds roll in and tears begin to fall
There must be a reason for it all

The Sisters is a group which is made up of two lots of sisters who predominantly sing 1940s songs.

Redeemer of the rain
The Lord will never waste our pain
He brings beauty out of brokenness
And hope to our heartache
Healing out of every hurt
That invades our shattered world
We never walk through trials in vain
He’s the redeemer of the rain

This version of the beautiful song ‘Redeemer of the Rain’ by the Collingsworth Family is just what we all needed to hear today.

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