Dog Rescuer Cries On Seeing Tiny Deformed Pup Adopted From Rescue

There has to be a governmental solution for the many unwanted pets that end up in kill shelters in our country, but till we find one, all of us need to save and protect our dogs and pets.

One such group called Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, California is a dog rescue which specializes in pulling from high kill shelters in the Kern County California area.

Although they specialize in pulling large dogs, Cue a small, spindly creature also known as Freddie Mercury was rescued by them. She was found in horrible shape and did not resemble a normal dog.

Their Facebook page read, “Freddie was found as a stray underneath a car and got turned into a shelter, how she survived the cold weather we have no idea.” She then had 17 teeth extracted as she still had a row of deciduous teeth in front of her adult teeth. During her dental the veterinarian discovered she had no epiglottis which is the flap at the back of the throat that opens and closes to prevent fluid from going into her lungs.”

Tiny Dog Thanks Her Rescuer In The Sweetest Way

This tiny, very unusual dog is filled to the brim with happiness and gratitude for her rescuer 😍

Posted by Little But Fierce on Friday, February 1, 2019

She had contracted pneumonia due to this and it was up to the rescue’s mercy to solve all these problem for her.

Along with her mouth, her front leg was of concern as well, as it stuck out at a weird angle. Thankfully for her, Angela Adan picked her from the shelter and decided to adopt her for life and became the angel she needed so desperately.

She said, ‘I don’t get emotional when I go to shelters to pick up dogs because I know it doesn’t help a scared dog if I’m over her crying feeling sad for her. Tonight, however, I cried for this little one,” she explained.

Angela is making each day count for her and Freddy couldn’t be more blessed to have Angela as her mother.

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