Roger Federer Fulfills Promise He Made To An Young Boy 5 years Ago

The tennis legend Roger Federer fulfilled his promise that he made to a young fan half a decade ago.

It all started in 2017, during the U.S. Open press conference when Izyan Ahmad, or “Zizou,” met with Roger Federer and challenged him to a match.


Zizou asked the tennis star, “Can you please continue to play for eight or nine years so I can play you when I go pro?”

Without a moment of thought, Federer replied, “Yes,” laughing.

Zizou could not believe it and asked Federer, “Is that a promise?” he said.

Federer smiled and told the boy, “Pinky promise”

5 years later, Federer fulfilled his promise to his young fan.


Zizou thought he was flying for tennis training in Zurich. The video shows Zizou arriving at the court with his coach. But moments later, he receives the surprise of his lifetime when he sees the opponent at the other side of the court. And it was his favorite tennis player Roger Federer who then challenged Zizou to a match.


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