‘God Was With Them’: Teens Miraculously Survive Horrific Crash

Teens recovering after a two-vehicle crash in Santa Rosa County are praising God and thanking Him for their healing.


The accident happened Monday at 7:30 am at the intersection of State Road 89 and Penton Road according to The Florida Highway Patrol. The teens were in a BMW sedan and was trying to turn onto S.R. 89 when a pickup truck collided with the left side of the sedan.

Both the vehicles hit a culvert and the sedan finally rested in a ditch with 16-year-old Fisher Kelly and 14-year-old Kendra Kelly in critical condition. Their family said on Thursday that Fisher was life-flighted to Sacred Heart Hospital and Kendra was taken via ambulance.


Fisher’s spleen was removed and he suffered cracked ribs, a broken wrist, and punctured lungs, while Kendra fractured her neck and broke her arm, but both are on the road to recovery. Kendra is presently at home recovering, while Fisher still remains in the intensive-care unit at Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital, said Brooke Powell, the teenagers’ older sister.

She says it’s a miracle they both survived the crash. “There’s so many different scenarios that could have happened,” Powell said. “That’s how we know God was with them.”


Their family is continuing to be in prayer for their full recovery, as well as for others involved in the crash. “If it wasn’t for (the pickup truck driver) swerving to avoid that collision, it would be a whole other story. Instead of being at the hospital, we’d be at two children’s graves,” Powell said.

“Keep the prayer’s coming. God is hearing them and we have felt them.” Powell says they are thankful for people who prayed for the teens at the scene of the crash and also for the doctors and medical staff. “We owe it all to God. He had his Army of Angels with Kendra and Fisher the entire time,” Powell wrote in a Facebook message. “We are forever grateful!”


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