Father Dumps 80K Pennies On Lawn As Last Child Support Payment,And The Mom’s Response Is The Best

High school senior, Avery Sanford saw a man pulling up in front of her Virginia home in an SUV attached to a landscaping trailer.

Security cameras captured the man dumping 80,000 pennies on the Sanfords’ front lawn.

pennies on lawn

Avery’s mother went outside to check what was going on when she saw the man who had just pulled up to her house.

“It’s your final child support payment,” he told her.

She then realized that it was her estranged husband, whom she hadn’t spoken to in years.

Avery was really disappointed by her father’s spiteful behavior but decided to use it for a beautiful purpose.

Avery and her mom collected thousands of pennies using a snow shovel and used it to change the narrative.

They donated the 80,000 pennies or $800 to a domestic abuse organization.

They never expected the chain of kindness they had just set off.

Cathy Easter runs Safe Harbor and says the mother and daughter donated the $800 to her charity.

When the story spread, others were inspired to donate as well.

The incident has helped raise more than $47,000 for her organization and Cathy Easter says she is humbled by the generosity.

She says she is touched by the comments the donors are leaving while making the donations.

Some are saying that they had parents who fought and are referencing that while donating.

Some of the people say they are fathers and would never do this to their child and that’s why they are donating.


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