Actor Dwayne Johnson Surprises Real-Life Superhero On TV Show

Actor Dwayne Johnson surprises Yuri Williams, a real life superhero in Brooklyn, New York.


Yuri Williams’ mother died of cancer in 2009 and he was at the lowest point of his life that time, grieving deeply at the passing of his mother for five years.

He then decided to help others who are at their lowest themselves by dressing up in superhero costumes.

As a Founder of A Future Superhero and Friends, a nonprofit organization that provides essential supportive services, emergency services and diversion to everyone from an elderly man to an ill or disabled child. He travels the country in a superhero costume to deliver help to those who need it most.

He dresses up in superhero costumes as a Spiderman, Deadpool and the Mandalorian. He visits families with kids fighting with life threatening conditions and presents them gifts and feeds the undeserved people in the community. He has now toured all of the 50 states thrice.

Mom Marina Moore is one of the many parents and caregivers whose kids Williams has helped.

“It’s the things that Yuri is doing that a lot of these kids are going to remember for life,” Moore told.

“When we opened up that door, that great big man standing there with his Mandalorian, the kids were just ecstatic, especially these little guys. Super, super excited,” she added.

Katrina Morris, another mom, said Williams helped her son AJ during his cancer journey as well and both mom and son feel grateful for Williams and his caring work.

“With all the stuff that happened with AJ, he came around Christmas and surprised him with gifts he wanted,” Morris recalled. “I will never forget that day.”

Aside from helping others, Williams said he himself is touched by the young children and the people he has helped.

Williams said that he feels superhero power from the kids he had helped and has equally been touched by the people he helped. Visiting houses and knowing that the kid might not be able to see another Christmas over even make it, he puts in more effort to make them feel extra special.

The actor surprised the real superhero with a costume of ‘Black Adam’ to add to his rotation. Black Adam is the latest movie of actor Dwayne Johnson about a 5,000-year-old hero who grapples with the difference between justice and revenge.

He also received a special hometown screening of the movie, as well as tickets to the film’s premiere.

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