Firefighter Prays with Woman Stuck in Semi Truck Dangling Over Bridge In Heart-Stopping Rescue

In a breath stopping act, Louisville firefighters rescued a woman stuck in a semi truck hanging over the Clark Memorial Bridge.

semi truck hanging off bridge Louisville

This incident happened when a Sysco semi-truck and two other vehicles crashed on the Clark Memorial Bridge over the Ohio River, between Kentucky and Indiana. It was just after noon, and the truck ended up hanging dangerously close to 100 feet above the water. Firefighters, EMS, and police from Louisville quickly came to help.

The crash involved not just the semi but also two passenger vehicles and a pickup truck. It started with a vehicle hitting another that was stalled, leading to a chain reaction that sent the semi through the guardrail. The aftermath was alarming: two individuals were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, while the bridge was shut down for the rescue operation.

At the heart of the rescue was firefighter Bryce Carden from Louisville Fire. With six years of service and extensive training, Carden was prepared for this moment. “We’ve done some crazy things, but this tops it all,” he said, emphasizing the importance of their rigorous training. Carden rappelled down to the truck’s cab, where he found the driver praying. Joining her in prayer, he worked to calm her, eventually securing her in a harness to be lifted to safety. “She was praying, she was praying a lot and I prayed with her – so that was good,” Carden recalled the driver’s state of mind during their precarious situation.

semi truck dangling over Louisville bridge

The woman, whose identity remains private, was revealed to be a military veteran. Her bravery and composure throughout the ordeal were remarkable. “She handled it like a champ,” Fire Chief Brian O’Neill noted, praising her for staying calm even when the situation seemed dire. O’Neill also highlighted the collective effort of the rescue team, stating, “We are willing to risk a lot to save a lot.”

As the community rallied around the first responders, the rescue on the Clark Memorial Bridge will be remembered not just for the danger involved but for the unwavering spirit of those who faced it head-on. “These were some serious heroes today,” Chief O’Neill concluded, marking the day’s efforts as a testament to the courage and skill of Louisville’s firefighters and emergency services.

semi truck dangling over Ohio river
Firefighter Bryce Carden

In our darkest moments, let us remember God is listening to our prayers. He promises to hold us up with His mighty right hand through every trial. Keep faith close, even when things seem impossible.

WATCH: Incredible Rescue of Woman from Truck Hanging Off Louisville Bridge

WATCH: Firefighter Prays with Woman Rescued from Semi Truck Hanging Off Louisville Bridge

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