Shaq Buys 10 Pairs of Shoes For Teen With Big Feet After Hearing His Mom Can’t Afford Them

A single mother who was finding it difficult to buy size 18 shoes for her 13-year-old son, got a helping hand from none other than- Shaquille O’Neil.

Brittany Keith, was finding it getting difficult and expensive to buy shoes for her son, Zach Keith, who at just 13-years of age was already wearing size 18 shoes.

Not many stores stock size 18 shoes and even if they do, the prices are high.

So Brittany decided to put out an appeal on social media for help, explaining her situation and saying, “If you can do anything to help I will be so appreciative.”


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Someone who had passed through the situation and understood what the family was going through responded, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal had been through the same situation in his life.

Shaq wears a size 23 shoe, and decided to buy Zach shoes at Friedman’s Shoes in Atlanta, Georgia, which is his personal favourite shoe store.

It was a moment of a lifetime for Zach to meet one of his basketball idols and also got tips and advice on playing basketball and also managed to snag his personal cell phone number.

But the biggest surprise of the evening for Zach was the many number of shoes he got from Shaq.

Friedman’s owner, Bruce Teihaber, has been O’Neal’s go-to-guy for shoes including the prom shoes he wore as a teenager.

“If they don’t come from Bruce and Friedman’s don’t show them to me,” O’Neal said.

Zach ended up receiving 10 pairs of size 18 shoes, including dress shoes, which his mom said he did not have in years.

She said, that what O’Neal did for them will help them a lot, and she doesn’t have to worry about buying Zach dress shoes, which he hasn’t had in 4-5 years because it difficult finding ones that fit him.

O’Neal’s act of kindness has touched her heart and says that it is touching to know he has her son’s back.

O’Neal reportedly gave the buy some cash and showed him a few basketball moves inside the store as well.

O’Neal says, “I thought this was a good thing to do,” he added, “Kid plays basketball, and Bruce did it for me, and I just want to return the favor.”

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Zach Keith was so overwhelmed by O’Neal’s generosity that he said, “I’m like, ‘Whoa, he wants to buy me shoes, out of all people?’”


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