3 Siblings Narrating The Easter Story Is Simply Adorable

“Peace, not fear. I’m still here”! Siblings’ narrating the story of Easter in the cutest way is so powerful. Levi, Lia and Luca is sharing the Gospel with so much passion and love is simply adorable!

We all have a good reason to make merry in the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection! Because His resurrection was the divine receipt from the Most High God that our sins are forgiven forever. Easter was the evidence of our justification in the eyes of God!

Mary Magdalene was the first one with a “Gold” medal to reach out to the tomb of Jesus to see Him alive! She was the first one to receive the glad news from her Lord that “I’m still here” and to have the new revelation of God as “Her Father” in Heaven!

The fearful disciples were hiding in the closed room after the death of their Master and Lord – Jesus of Nazareth! But the resurrected Jesus were right in their midst to show the nail pierced wounds to ensure, the payment for their peace was paid in full and to say “Peace be with you”!

I’m so glad to see these little siblings are sharing the real essence of Easter in a special style! Its really a blessing to see the children proclaiming the marvelous work of our Savior. I am sure they are the best assets for the Kingdom of God and their lives are destined to bring Glory to God!

Verse of the Day

A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word! — Proverbs 15:23 (NIV)


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