Brave Siblings Lift Overturned SUV On Roadside To Rescue Couple And Baby

Two brave siblings being hailed as heroes have done what is unheard of.

Aaron Allen and Jolisa Jones, work at Ashley Furniture in Tampa, Florida, and they were driving a delivery truck down the highway when suddenly they spotted a car side-swipe an SUV that was driving in front of them.

The SUV then tragically fell off the road and turned upside down into a nearby creek.

These two guys then jumped into action without caring for their own lives and came close to the SUV and saw that water was seeping into the passenger area where a couple and their 11-day-old baby had been belted in.

Allen tried to break the window open with his fist, but could not, so he and Jones pushed the car right-side up, he then wrapped his tee shirt around his fist and punched the windshield out and then he helped to bring the family out to safety.

The couple in the car was found unharmed, but the baby has been taken to hospital for precaution.

When asked why they did what they did, Allen simply says that did what he hopes anyone else would do in that situation.

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