The Silhouettes’ Shadow Dance Performance About Homelessness Is A Powerful Message To The Society

America’s Got Talent: The Champions saw another stunning performance by The Silhouettes who returned with a powerful performance on the theme of homelessness.


Silhouettes were first noticed when they came on the sixth season of America’s Got Talent and went on to place 2nd with a huge fan following. They have since traveled all around the country and many dancers have thrived from their group.

Now they are competing on America’s Got Talent: The Champions which features over 40 acts from all across the globe and includes contestants who were past winners, finalists and fan-favorites from the entire Got Talent franchise.

The Silhouettes impressed the judges and audience during their first performance which was about a girl and her dog which earned the golden buzzer from judge Alesha Dixon.

Now, they are back with a stunning performance with the background tune of “Stand In The Light” by Jordan Smith. With the help of shadow dance, they share the everyday struggles of a homeless family who finally are able to get support from people around and friends to have a roof over their head again.

The ending part of their dance made everyone shake in their seats, Judge Howie Mandel said, “You are the inspiration for every act that comes after you.” He went on to praise the group saying, “You’re not just here to win it. You’re here to change the world.”

With comments like that coming from world renowned entertainment bosses, The Silhouettes are definitely in for the long haul and we truly wish that they go right till the end in this competition.