Singing Samoan Firefighters Are An Inspiration In California Wildfires

The recent Californian wildfires displaced thousands and caused so much destruction, but the hard-pressed firefighters got reinforcements from some unlikely places.

A team traveled thousands of miles from American Samoa, a tropical U.S. territory, 2,500 miles south of Hawaii with a powerful tool of not fire-fighting equipment but beautiful harmonious voices.

The National Park Service’s Samoa 61 Fire Crew is made up of 17 men and in the past 5 summers they have traveled almost 5000 miles, according to Anthony Wyberski, one of the team’s vets.

Their positivity comes through their music, and they break into songs wherever they find themselves, from the mess tent, to the old school bus they are riding, right into the midst of the fire.

Every day they end the night with a church song which has become their anthem, and shows their belief in God is very strong.

Nate Gogna who coordinates the movement of federal fire crews like the Samoans says that they do it because they feel like they’re helping America. He adds that they have so much energy that people just want to be part of it.

In an area which has suffered so much, their energy and love of God is like a welcome break and a breath of fresh air. May God continue to use these brave guys.

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