‘He’s The Nicest, Smartest Kid I’ve Ever Had’: Single Dad Adopts 13-Year-Old Boy Who Was Abandoned At Hospital

A heartwarming story of a single dad adopting a 13-year-old boy after he was abandoned two years ago at a hospital is restoring hope in humanity all over the country.


Tony was in the foster care system ever since he was 2-years-old. He was adopted by an Oklahoma couple at the age of 4. But 2 years ago, Tony’s adopted parents left him at a hospital and never returned.

On Jan. 16, 2018, Peter Mutabazi, a foster parent for the last 3 years got a call asking him if he could take Tony for the weekend.


What was supposed to be for only two days soon turned into a forever bond between the two after he heard Tony’s story. “By that time, I was crying. I thought, ‘Who would do that?'” Mutabazi said. “Once I knew the parents’ rights were signed off and he had nowhere to go, I knew I had to take him.”


Tony was adopted by Peter, and even before their union was made official, Tony always called him “Dad”. “He’s the nicest, smartest kid I’ve ever had,” Mutabazi said. “From day one, he’s always called me ‘dad.’ He truly meant it and he looks up to me.”


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