5-Year-Old Filipino Girl Guides Her Blind Father To Work – Heartwarming Video

Jenny is just 5-years-old, but she is the caretaker of her blind father. Nelson Pepe, jenny’s father works in coconut farms in Philippines. Despite his condition, this blind man climbs up to 60 coconut trees and earns about 6 dollars a day for his family. Jenny, the little girl acts as his eyes. Everyday, she leads him to and from the farm by holding a stick with her blind dad at the other end, hiking through jungle and mountainous regions. Jenny patiently waits for her father to complete his tasks and guides him back to home.
This heartwarming video was captured by Rhuby Capunes and shared to her Facebook page. With in days, the video has touched the hearts of millions and got international attention. The ABS-CBN foundation visited Jenny and Pepe and offered help. Jenny’s father was taken to Manila and diagnosed his blindness as retinal detachment and retinitis pigmentosa. The foundation has arranged a livelihood training for Pepe and they are also planning to relocate his family to a safer place. Thanks to Rhuby Capunes, the kind-hearted woman who shared this story on Facebook and the ABS-CBN foundation who changed the life of Pepe and his family forever.