This Powerful Rendition Of ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Will Move You

Carrie and Taryn Harbridge are sisters from Skyhouse Colony are wowing us today with their incredible music video of “Jesus Loves Me (All My Days).”


The song is for all of us no matter what age we are, we all will forever be the children of God and want to be filled with His amazing, and unending love. This is such a beautiful recording of this song by Skyhouse Colony.

We pray and hope that our viewers really enjoy and share with others this beautiful song from Skyhouse Colony.

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Israel Moussa Boureima
Israel Moussa Boureima


Johnnie Iguess
Johnnie Iguess

She has a very pretty voice, but I was expecting “Jesus Loves Me” the one that I learned in Sunday School as a very young child.

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