Man Helps Sloth Cross Busy Traffic And It Thank Him In The Cutest Way

An unusual act of kindness was captured on camera in Costa Rica, when a man helped a sloth to cross a busy road.

It is not unusual to spot sloths in high-traffic areas and roadways in Costa Rica, but due to their slow movement, they often become the victims of road accidents.

So when a man spotted a sloth unable to cross the road, he immediately jumped to help it out.

The clip shows the sloth trying to move on the pavement as the good Samaritan came nearby.

The sloth did not object to being rescued, and let the man lift it up and carry it to the other side of the road.

After rescuing the animal, the man did not merely let it off in a garden, but took it to a tree.

The sloth clung to the tree and the man then waved goodbye to it and moved off.


The sloth thanked the man in a most amazing manner when he looked straight at the camera and lifted its own arm to wave to him in response to his wave.

He also stretched his mouth into a lazy smile, closed his eyes, in gratitude of the man’s kind act.

No wonder the video has garnered millions of views and likes on social media.