Two Southwest Airlines Workers Looked After A Passenger’s Pet Fish For Four Months After It Was Banned From Flight

Two Southwest Airlines employees became the caretakers of a passenger’s pet fish after it was banned from the flight.


Kira was returning home from her Freshman year at college with her pet fish ‘Theo’ when she was told by the authorities that she was not allowed to take the fish with her.

Ismael and her fiancée Jamee, both employees of the airline came into rescue for Kira and her pet fish before she almost missed the flight. The agents offered to take care of the fish until she come back and they took it home.

The couple even bought a new bowl for Theo and cared for it over the summer until it was reunited with Kira at Tampa, Florida after 4 months. Kira also bought gift cards for the couple as a show of gratitude for their kind gesture.