Husband And Wife Perform ‘Spirit Of The Living God’ In An Abandoned Silo

Sounds Like Reign present another beautiful rendition from their Silo Sessions as they sing, ‘Spirit of the Living God.’

Spirit of the Living God sounds like reign

The song was recorded live on location in an abandoned silo.
Brackin and Lindsay Kirkland are the husband and wife team behind Sounds Like Reign.

As they sing and worship the Lord with their voices and music in this abandoned silo, it brings out emotions that wouldn’t have been there with typical instruments.

Their music always glorifies our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brackin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sound engineer and his goal is to draw others to Christ through personal story-telling and biblical narratives set to captivating music. Lindsay is blessed with an angelic voice and brings a simple, grounded aesthetic to the music.

As Sounds like Reign sings this beautiful hymn today we are blessed to listen to it and feel roused in our spirit with its spiritual words and meaningful tune.


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