Starving Dog Was Sleeping On Pile Of Tiles, Now Look At Her Amazing Transformation

This is a story of hope and a future of a dog named Arnia who was rescued and has made the best transformation.


Arnia is one of the four dogs that was rescued from a garage yard. Arnia and several other dogs lived in the yard of a rundown garage.

It was a sunny cold December day and the warmest bed was a pile of tiles. Ama and Anuka are also among the dogs rescued.

Arnia’s name means strong as an eagle but in reality, she was very weak and had anemia, dehydration, muscular spasms, and suffering from giardiasis.

After being rescued by Howl Of A Dog in Romania, she was very exhausted and all she wanted to do was sleep.

She weighed only 13 lbs that’s half the normal weight but she was fed and bathed by her rescuers and a month later she looked unrecognizable.

Arnia is 2-3 years old but thinks she is a puppy and behaves like one. She finds joy in the simplest of things and is enjoying her childhood again!

She is happy even when she goes to the vet for her regular checkups. Arnia is shy at the park when she goes for a walk because it’s a new experience for her.

Arnia has made a remarkable recovery, regaining her health, joy, and happiness she missed before. Now Arnia is looking for an adoptive family now to live her best life.


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