Heartbroken Man Gives Away Engagement Ring And Surprises Lucky Couple

No one knows what life has in store for us, and sometimes we are surprised by the outcome of situations which should have had a normal ending but did not.

Steven Crocker was in a happy and stable romantic relationship, but one day his world came crashing down when the relationship ended.

He was disappointed because he had even bought a engagement ring to propose to his girlfriend, but now since it was over, he put up a post on Facebook offering to give away his engagement ring to a couple who could not afford to buy one.

About 2000 people sent in their love stories, but he and his friends felt compelled to give it to a couple whose unusual love story has shaken them.

Shawn from Illinois was saving up to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend but he was diagnosed with MS and had to use the money for his medication and hospital bills.

He has chosen a winner and has turned around his heartbreak into one of hope.