Stranger’s Act of Kindness To Elderly Man Will Touch Your Heart

In today’s hectic world, the elderly are very oft neglected and literally on their own. No one has the time to help them and care for them.

But when one young man saw an elderly stranger struggle to cross the road, he decided to do something about it.

Clint Groom is the eyewitness who saw it unfold in front of his very eyes.

Clint was sitting in his car outside a convenience store in Haltom City, Texas, when he saw a good Samaritan sprint across the street to help an old man having trouble to walk across the parking lot.

The young man first tried to make him walk back to his truck, but due to his inability to walk, he simply asked him if he could carry the senior back to his car.

This kind gentleman scooped up the smiling senior gentleman and carried him right to his car, after he gently sat him down and made sure he was fine, he bade him farewell and went back into the convenience store.

Although the identity of this fine young man is unknown, but his kind deed has been winning him many fans online since it was published.

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