Man Inspired by Jesus’ Teachings Offers Free Haircuts to the Homeless and Prays with Them

Joshua Masih founded Street Shaves to provide free haircuts to the homeless, inspired by his Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus. This charity, based in California, not only offers grooming services but also aims to restore dignity to those often overlooked by society.

Street Shaves free haircut

The idea for Street Shaves came while Masih was reading the Bible. He was struck by how Jesus loved and served others, which led him to think about modern ways to serve. “I was actually reading my Bible and inspired by the way Jesus loves others and serves others and calls us to do the same.” Masih explained.

He related this to the biblical account of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet, “And Jesus washes His disciples feet and then says, ‘Just as I, your Lord and teacher have washed your feet, you ought to do the same.’”

Eventually, he decided that giving free haircuts could be his way of “washing the feet” of today’s needy.

Masih started cutting hair in his garage over a decade ago, initially just for his brother. This small service expanded to include neighbors, friends, and eventually a larger community.

Today, Street Shaves has grown significantly, supported by a team of volunteers including barbers, hairstylists, and others who give their time freely. “We have an amazing team of volunteers who not only cut hair, but volunteers who sweep, who manage the list, videographers, photographers, and individuals who are just there to just share an encouraging word with the people getting their haircut, uplift them, and then also pray with them,” he says.

This initiative also confronts the negative stereotypes associated with homelessness and addiction. Masih hopes that by providing these services, Street Shaves can inspire others and help reduce the stigma associated with these conditions.

Masih’s work has taught him much about the lives of the homeless. “It can be so easy for us to judge someone when we see them living on the streets and not take a moment to actually seek to understand what they’ve gone through in their lives,” he tells Inside Edition Digital.

Masih emphasizes that the work they do is a collective effort reflecting a higher purpose. “This is not about an individual,” Masih asserts. “It’s about what God’s doing through Street Shaves, and we’re just grateful that we can be an extension of that love to individuals on the streets.”