Mom Blown Away By Students’ Sweet Kindness Toward Son During Lunchtime

16-year-old Andrew Kirby has been getting the same message from the same person for the past 4 years, it’s none other than his beloved mother. And it read “Are you sitting with anyone?”, and Kirby gives this answer everytime. “No.”

Kirby would sit at a table alone, hoping no one would notice he was by himself as he hid behind his cell phone. Kay, his mom prayed hard he would make a new friend. Finally her prayers were answered. This year, on Kirby’s first day back as a junior at Boiling Springs High School in South Carolina, Kay’s prayers were answered.

It was Kirby’s first day back as a junior at Boiling Springs High School in South Carolina. As usual, he sat down at a lunch table alone. He received the daily text from his mom asking if he was alone. But this time, Kirby didn’t answer. When Kay reached school to pick him up, she found out why.

“Mom, I didn’t sit alone!” Kirby exclaimed as he entered the car.

“Wow, that’s great!” Kay said, before asking about anything.

Kirby opened up about the wonderful day. He was sitting by himself at lunch when four student council members approached him and asked him to join them at their table. Kirby happily accepted the offer.

“It’s been a constant over the years. He has sat alone and its always bothered me and my husband. I can picture him sitting by himself,” said Kay. The sweet act from the students gave great relief to this mom.

Kay revealed that Kirby was adopted. He was born with a crack cocaine addiction and a genetic condition known as neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors to grow along the nervous system. Kirby has overcome many challenges including major back and neck surgeries.

Kay thanked the students for the kind gesture and shared the story on Facebook along with a photo of Kirby. And i am sure that this beautiful video will brighten up your day.

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