Sweet Toddler Insists On Hugging Strangers When Parents Say It’s Time To Go “Bye Bye”

Normally kids don’t seem keen on talking to strangers, talk-less of hugging them, but Jude is different from other toddlers his age.

In a video shared by his dad Nick Sasfy on Facebook, the toddler wanted to wish a very fond farewell to all of the strangers that were lounging on the grass at an outdoor event in Atlanta, Georgia.

When Nick and his wife Stephanie said that it was time to go “bye-bye”, Jude insisted that he wanted to hug every stranger goodbye.

The strangers were indeed delighted to be hugged by the cute toddler even if that meant that the family’s departure got delayed, nobody could say no to that adorable little baby.

No wonder the toddler’s sweet antics have raked in over 27 million views on Facebook and counting. Wish we could have got one from him too!

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