Two Chihuahuas Trying Swimming For The First Time Will Put The Biggest SMILE On Your Face

These two Chihuahuas are expert swimmers in the air. Though nobody have trained them or told them to do so, Winnie and Tommy are making their beautiful move on Lancashire beach. This is the first time their family seeing them getting in to the sea, as the dogs don’t like water at all and never even made a walk through a puddle.

“We were therefore extremely surprised to see them run straight into the sea and start swimming on this particular day, possibly because it was very hot weather and the shallow water was warm.” Their mom Tracey explained. “I got my phone out to film them swimming but they very quickly got out of their depth and looked to be struggling. Anna and my husband scooped them up out of the sea and by the time I began filming they had started air swimming!”

The adorable footage was captured near Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. The cute pups, 4-year-old Winnie and 2-year-old Tommy are bringing joy to their best friend, Anna and watching them flailing in the hands of their owners will make us fall in love with them!