Teacher Offers Kidney To 10-Year-Old Student In Life-Saving Gesture

10-year-old Eva, is happy to receive the gift of life from a fourth grade teacher at her school. The teacher’s compassionate act of kindness is worth watching and the story is aptly highlighted as a paragon of “great love”!

Eva’s medical problem began on last March after an unusual health condition occurred in her life. Thirty minutes after arriving home from dinner at a Japanese restaurant, her whole face began to swell. Her mother Alana Brown rushed her to the nearby medical care and there she was treated for an allergic reaction. Since the swelling came back after an hour, she was rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio. After the kidney biopsy, Eva was diagnosed with an incredibly rare decease named ‘collapsing focal segmental glomerulosclerosi. Unfortunately the only cure for this decrease was kidney transplantation. And her parent’s were in deep struggle to find the matching donor for their daughter.All of their family members, including her father- had a different blood type and she could not receive any of their kidneys. Finally the mother put the word out on her Facebook, and within minutes she got the response from many!

“I’m amazed at the human spirit,” Brown said as she recalled the “overwhelming” response to that initial post!

Among all those who wished the family well and offered their help, one woman named Tanya Thomas continued to stand out . Tanya was consistent in following Eva’s situation and she was compassionate enough to go and get the necessary test to see if she was qualified to donate her kidney. Fortunately her kidney was a match for Eva and she was willing to donate it.

However Brown had no idea that Tanya was a teacher at Slate Ridge Elementary School, until Brown met her in Eva’s school. One day while she was at the school with Eva, a woman came up and introduced herself to Brown..And it was Tanya Brown,

“I just started crying,” Brown said.

Thomas told brown that she was a teacher at the school and she wanted to keep away the information from Eva to make sure the transplantation goes well. Even though Eva is not one of Thomas’s fourth grade students, she still wanted to save her life and revealed the same to Eva in due time!

When it is time for the transplant, Eva wants to do her part to spread the word as well  and  she wants to raise awareness that there are generous people, like Thomas, who volunteer to be living donors. At present the family is hoping for the best and raising money for Eva’s care on the crowdfunding site YouCaring.

God has blessed us with such caring people around us and we are thankful for the same! Let’s keep Eva in our daily prayer to see the complete recovery of her health!