Teenager Dresses Up In Different Costumes To Greet Younger Brother After School

Noah Tingle of Central, Louisiana, shows up dressed in different costumes to greet his little brother Max, as he steps off the school bus.


He got the idea as he watched a school bus drop off his younger brother at their home. “It’s my last year of high school, and I saw when he was coming off the bus when I was at home so I just want to embarrass him,” Noah said.


When Noah wore the first outfit which was a silly one, and then started getting new ideas, his mom started posting them to social media which led people to donate different costumes and outfits to him.

Noah shows up everyday to greet Max when he steps off the school bus dressed in outlandish outfits ranging from star wars characters, ninjas, clowns, firefighters, it seems Noah’s collection is endless, thanks to all the people who have supported him.

The videos show Max getting off the bus looking amused and annoyed and tries to dodge Noah, but he isn’t successful every time because Noah manages to catch his little brother in a hug, half-hug or a tackle. “At first I was surprised and kind of embarrassed,” Max said, “but now I’m just used to it.”

The bus driver also seems to be enjoying these encounters, with her craning her neck from the bus to see the brothers antics, in fact many people online too are following “The Bus Brother.” Noah recently expressed his thanks and gratitude to all the people following them online and watching their videos.

Many people find their videos refreshing and different from the usual fare, with one writing, “We all see so many depressing, mind-boggling, or infuriating stories on social media and the news. It’s enough to make you want to block the world out. Then I see a story like yours, and it not only made me smile (& brought a tear to my eye) but it reminded me to stay hopeful and have faith in people. So again, THANK YOU!!!”

Noah Tingle and Max have managed to bring a smile on so many faces of people watching them online, we need to spread more happiness and smiles everywhere to make our planet a better place for all of us.


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